Applying for U.S. Citizenship

In many cases, the naturalization process to obtain U.S. citizenship is straightforward. The times when we recommend engaging an attorney to assist with the process are when there has been a criminal charge or conviction beyond a minor traffic violation or there has been an extended period of time outside the U.S. since becoming a permanent resident. In other cases, some clients ask for help, because they are unsure or uncomfortable filling out lengthy application forms. They also want added reassurance and someone who can monitor the application and take care of any required rescheduling or other follow up with USCIS.

Automatically Becoming a U.S. Citizen

A note on automatic acquisition of U.S. citizenship. In some cases, such as a child born to U.S. citizens abroad or a lawful permanent resident child living in the U.S. with a parent who becomes a citizen, a person becomes a U.S. citizen automatically. We review these situations carefully and advise on options and requirements to document citizenship.