Employment Visas
Employer Compliance (I-9)
Family Immigration

At Knapp Law Co. LLC, we help clients with employment- and family-based immigration to obtain temporary and permanent visas and citizenship through naturalization. We also advise employers on the complex area of I-9 compliance to make sure their employees have work authorization, properly complete the I-9 form and follow the rules for reviewing and recording the corresponding documents. Immigration is an ever-changing area of law with many nuances and pitfalls for the untrained. We parse through the statutes, regulations, case law, agency guidance, and presidential executive orders and explain in easy-to-understand terms the available planning options and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Immigration Law Practice Areas

Employment Immigration

Helping organizations recruit and retain employees

Family-Based Immigration

Helping individuals bring family members to the United States


Helping individuals apply for U.S. citizenship

Employer compliance (I-9)

Helping organizations keep accurate employment authorization records

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Visa Processing – What a Difference a Year Makes

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Martha’s Vineyard and Political Stunts

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